Sri Yadav Sriram Trust-charity companies

Our Services

After School Education

  • Regular special care on educational for the school children after school return with nutritious snacks in rural villages
  • Counselling classes for dropout children's
  • Study material support for the underprivileged community children and
  • Course completion with 100% scholarship in higher education

Abandoned relief

Humanitarian support for the people in both rural and urban areas. Essential material including blanket for the shelterless individuals and families ,solution for the abandoned people is a care home with complete care including food, shelter, medical, moral and economical support is a dream project.

Women empowerment

We ensure women empowerment by employing women in our various projects. vocational training centres for development of skills, self help group support with own product orders. We educate women and children on organising seminars and workshops on topics of women safety ,child abuse and train them with martial arts specially in Government schools

Medical aid

"The wealthiest family in the planet is where held remains". "stress and pain free body is where the peace resides "the above quote is made possible only among the health educated communities the rest struggles. we educate the rest of the society and heal them both on health awareness programs on yoga and naturopathy and medical support. Periodical medical camps on allopathy and ministry of Ayush recommended traditional medicines.

Eco Environment

Eco environment is a peaceful environment to live in. If nature is preserved the wealth reservation for the future generation Green energy usage is the simplest and economical way to save the future generation Plastic and pollution free environment is in our hands who can end this cruel damage We work on all this programs likely plantation, educate people to move on electric vehicles support for subsidies and grants, green energy production and utilization

Rural Development

The success of this project is based on individual development. The individual development transform as whole sum communal development, which drives a normal village to promoted village

Rural Development Services