Future Projects

Parah Vidhya Gurukulam

The Ultimate residential school for parentless and semi parent children under economic streamline. where a home for homeless children, Knowledge and wisdom resource for children with education dream, a centre for branded self-responsible and respective citizen.

Project Parah Vidhya Gurukulam is collective and corrective measure project of aanandhavanam, in aiming high precision and clarity future who step in.

Wellness Centre

Harmless, Homecare, Treatment [Safe back to home]

The traditional medicines of India under ministry of Ayush and its applications, collectively under single roof. Where harmless approved herbal medicines and other traditional methodology are followed for healing.

Diagnostic centre

The well equipped biotech lab based on combined diagnosis (the team of Ayush doctors) appropriate medicinal approach recommended by the diagnostic team is followed for peaceful and fearless treatment.

Skill Development

Yet to start centres for training programs and workshops are to be established in developing the skill Entrepreneurship motivation and training are being planned, Training for specialization on value added products, Centre for employments are planned.

UPSC and other government services examination training centres are planned with experienced teaching faculties and well equipped modern library with all other facilities like meals and text material support.

Sports development activities

On promoting sports and its development a planned activity with modern court and equipments , well qualified coaches, rich nutritious food and health supplements , tournament guidence,fitness centres, medical assistance are planned generously for the sports personnel of both rural and urban places